Our Investment Philosophy

Unlike stockbrokers and the majority of Independent Financial Advisers and Financial Planners, we don’t spend time fund or stock-picking or trying to predict and time the market. In short, we don’t speculate or take unnecessary risks with our clients’ money.

We believe in “broad asset-class investing”, because its asset allocation is the single biggest determinant of the long-term performance of an investment portfolio.

Academic studies and historic data reveal that low-cost, passive investment strategies outperform the vast majority of comparable active investments over the medium and long-term. We therefore believe this approach should at least represent the core of any investment portfolio.

“a boring way to get rich”William F. Sharpe

Nobel Prize winner William F. Sharpe, an advocate of passive management, once noted that index investing – the most basic passive investment strategy – is “a boring way to get rich”.

As well as out-performing the majority of actively managed portfolios, our approach brings the additional benefits of being much more widely-diversified and significantly lower-cost.